Why should we buy tickets before getting to the entertainment entry

The entertainment areas, the amusement park . Especially in Phu Quoc Island. So, On this Pearl Island, from the north to the south, there are two huge park that you can visit, these are VinWonder park located in the north island and Cable Car belonged to Sun World far 60km from the north. Both of them need tickets if you would like to get entry to enjoy much more games inside. And here are some reason that you should got your tickets on your hands already before check in these places

  • There are so many visiters check in these places, it often to be in queue to buy tickets and get througt the checking tickets line also
  • The price is the same if you would like to buy anywhere on this island, cause pricing is printed on tickets clearly. Maybe there are some agency discount (around 1 dollar per 1 ticket)
  • There are some retailer, agency sell tickets inluding the delivery tickets upon your staying

So, Above are some information that i would like to share to visiters, especially the foreigners, the guests chose our country Vietnam is a destination, Phu Quoc island in details. Except 2 huge park above, the travelers can get check-in so many beautiful places in the most beauty island of Vietnam, such as the beaches, resorts, markets, or the nature jungle…

And hope you guys like this post and useful to all of you took time to read. Thank you so much

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